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Townsville has been described as Queensland’s second capital city and
ticks all the boxes when you are looking to buy an investment property.

The current population of 190,000 is expected to increase to over
250,000 by 2022 which is based on the strong economic development of
both Townsville and the surrounding regions.

Townsville with its proximity to neighbouring mineral resources
along with its diversified industries such as government, defence,
education and manufacturing puts Townsville in poll position to
become the Queensland’s second capital city.

There is currently approximately $56 Billion worth of projects in
the development pipeline while capital investment in the region remains

Townsville – What the experts say

Bernard Salt KPMG

Townsville is unlike any other city in Australia. No city of
comparable size (Cairns and Hobart are closest in scale) has quite the connection into the
future prosperity of the Australian nation as does Townsville.

Here is a city of 178,000 residents expected to rise to 236,000
within 20 years that is positioned in the tropics and that is anchored
by the military and manufacturing.

Over the next 15 years to 2026, Townsville is projected to have the
fourth highest rate of growth among Australia’s 20 largest urban
centres. Between 2011 and 2026, Townsville’s population is
forecast to increase from 176,142 residents in 2011 to 235,908,
translating to a growth of 59,766 residents at a rate of 34%.

Over the next 15 years to 2026, Townsville will move past Geelong to become Australia’s 12th largest city”.

With these comments in mind, Altira Estate located in the inner city
suburb of Mount Louisa is ideally located to take full advantage of the
projected growth that is forecasted for Townsville.

Australian Property Monitors

Statistics show by 2020, the average price of a home in Mount Louisa would be $1,223,048 – more than three times todays average of $390,000.


Smart Investor Magazine

Mount Louisa was named in the Top 100 Suburb Listing with a forecasted 12 Month price increase of 4% and a rental return of 5%.

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